“Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” – What Are They Really Saying?

The feel good cop PSA hit of the summer, brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, another of the endless government bureaucracies that profits from inventing ways of controlling people, is “Drive sober, or get pulled over.” Another mindless piece of sloganeering used to create yet more fear and control, and thus consent for heavy-handed policing.

You see, the thing about driving while intoxicated is this, you pretty much aren’t in any shape to be influenced by cheap slogans when you are in a state of inebriation. “I got in my car, turned on the radio, heard that commercial and decided not to drive after all,” said nobody ever. This doesn’t prevent drunk driving. It merely puts it up on display so that the problem seems so great people are willing to sacrifice their freedoms and rights and allow more authoritarianism in order to save them from this menace. It creates an illusion that drunk driving is a constant threat that only tough policing strategies can save us from, so we must accept them. It is pure fear-based conditioning of the public.

But lets examine the exact phrase, “Drive sober or get pulled over.” There is an implication here that deserves attention. If driving non-sober is a crime and getting pulled over is a punishment, what does that say about being pulled over by cops in general? If even police fully admit in their propaganda campaigns that pulling you over is a form of punishment, then why do we see so many videos in which cops act like pulling you over is supposed to be fine and dandy? Why do we see an endless stream of people becoming angry that they are just being pulled over, if its not a big deal, and yet on the other  hand it is used right in the propaganda as a crime deterrent? The highway pirates have fully shown their hand here. Getting pulled over does impede your freedom. It is a punishment. When you are pulled over for a ‘crime’ in which there was no victim, or just as a ‘routine traffic check’, you are being punished, and thus have become the victim where none existed before.

The last campaign ran by the NHTSA was the “Click It or Ticket” ads that ran the past year up until June. You might notice a pattern here of simple slogans that use small words and rhyming. Exactly the same way you talk to a child or an idiot or somebody you were mocking. It is an insult to the intellect of people that this is what they think we can handle intellectual. Little simple rhymes. Of course, as I said, since these propaganda campaigns are merely devices used to rally support among those who already worship police and authority, it must be noted that they very little of their followers intellectual capacity. Over and over again the mindless agitprop of the state sends a message about how little regard it has for the critical thinking capacities of its supporters. And it might be right, after all, it did work hard to make them that stupid through its schools and media collusion.

This is where your tax dollars go. This is why you wake up and leave the people you love behind to go toil at a mindless job you don’t really like. So you can help fund this idiotic garbage. Advertising campaigns of this magnitude are extremely expensive endeavors. But it is like they say, you gotta spend money to make money. The drunk driving industry is a goldmine for law enforcement, make no mistake. And by spending your money on propaganda that keeps you begging for more policing, they are able to muster up the funds for endless growth and expansion. They become more powerful and secure more resources by tossing sing-songy slogans at you like you are an idiot child. Stop proving them right.

This is why we cannot have nice things.

P.S. Driving when you are fucked up is a stupid thing to do. Although I fully expect about fifty comments telling me I somehow encourage that behavior by pointing out the other idiocy that surrounds it.

P.S.S. Drunk driving laws don’t save lives, they make profits and encourage more policing. Encourage auto-makers to put breathalyzers in all vehicles so their products are used safely. That would prevent drunk driving. But they probably won’t do that, since wrecked cars mean more sales. Yay for drunk driving, everybody profits!

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