Abolish the Police


Welcome to Abolish the Police

A brief introduction.

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Abolish the Police

Clear reasons to abolish the police and some starting queries into how to do it.


The High Cost of Vengeance
Culture & Its Alternatives

Authoritarians and activists both operate on a
fatal premise, which is that vengeance is justice.


When the Solutions Are Worse Than the Problem, No Solution Is the Solution

The police are so bad that we would be better off without them.


Jail Is Hell On Earth & It Escalates Criminal Behaviors

We treat jails as though they are a normal, rational part of existence, when in fact they are an inhumane institution of torment designed to destroy the people inside of them and escalate criminal tendencies to fill more jails.

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Get It Through Your
Damned Heads Already, This Is NOT About Accountability

Every day I as a police abolitionist I received feedback from my audience
regarding the myth of accountability.
Straight up, I got nothing to do with that nonsense, and here is why…

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From Accountability to Abolition: Evolution Is A Good Thing

The evolution from police accountability advocate to abolitionist is the only logical conclusion to come to for those who study the issues thoroughly.

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The Three Types of Police Accountability Activists

Accountability is futile, so what kinds of people would persist in that false narrative?

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If It Seems Like Police Live In A Different Reality It Is Because They Actually Do

A career in policing leads to some psychological side effects that fundamentally alter the reality of law enforcement officers in surprising and scary ways.

Autumn Steele

Justice for Autumn Steele

This is a collection of all of my writings and activist work in the case of a young mother in Burlington, Iowa – Autumn Steele – who was murdered by officer Jesse Hill.